Focus Groups

Focus groups – a way to make money

If you would like to make more money than online surveys, you should consider Focus Groups. A focus group can take place at home online or at a location near your home and can be a very interesting experience when you participate in one.

Market research is an activity business owners must do before launching their first business venture. This includes launching an innovative product or service, transforming a business, etc. For this reason, participation in focus groups is an ideal opportunity to earn extra money and express your opinions. Now is the ideal time to start making money creatively!

What is a focus group?

A focus group is a group of people, usually 6 to 10 (if needed, it can be larger). These people are brought together online or offline to discuss a particular topic and express their opinions and ideas.

The group is led by a moderator specifically designated and prepared for the project.

Focus group research suggests that potential buyers come together to experience something. The moderator can ask questions that focus on a potential real-life experience.

Each group member then shares their opinions, criticisms, and other experience feedback, answering the same set of questions.

Manufacturers want to understand your thinking, why you buy certain products, and what your opinion is about them. With this information, they can improve their products and increase their sales.

In return, they will pay you for your opinion. They need to answer questions about your experiences to help them learn about the company’s effectiveness and potential issues. Whether you are a housewife, student, retiree, or full-time employee, you can always earn an extra income by participating in online focus groups.

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The Better Business Bureau is a site that helps you find only legit companies. Therefore, confirm if the focus group is accredited by BBB and start earning. | | | | | | | | | | |


Sharing your knowledge and opinion in a focus group is really just another way to earn an income without a long-term commitment. It’s very important for business owners to get feedback on their products and services before they get put into the market.

To participate in the focus group, you must meet a list of researcher’s qualifications. It will include demographic, geographical, and lifestyle requirements. Researchers are only interested in the opinion of the average user within a specific target market.

For example, if the product being tested is a new baby bottle, researchers will be interested in the opinions of new parents who live in the area where the bottle will be sold.

Online focus groups can include anyone who meets the criteria set by the researchers. Meetings take place online and can take place over certain periods or whenever appropriate for attendees. Online focus group members will study their feelings about a particular product or answer specific questions about it.

These feelings will be communicated to researchers electronically. Participants will be given deadlines to submit information and will only be paid if deadlines are met. 

Methods of recording and analyzing the information, collected

while holding focus groups and strategies to gather unbiased information are the main credibility characteristics of this precise and useful source of information. In the case of focus groups, we try to uncover why people have a positive or a negative attitude toward a topic.

The main objective of this method is to stimulate in-depth discussion to explore the attitudes and values of participants on a specific topic. It is the group dynamics that are the specificity of the focus group, where, unlike the interviews, participants encourage each other to discuss.

Length of time and payment

A focus group research can last from a few hours up to 24 hours or even more, depending on the subject. After the study is complete, you receive the payment. The average pay for participation is between $50 to $75 per hour in cash or checks, depending on several things like length and type of study.


People participating in focus groups may share their opinions and earn money by doing just that; only the group environment can relax the participants and make them more willing to share their insights; Business owners can learn more from activities, body language, and other non-verbal communications by watching the group; the participants provide valid information about different experiences and perspectives at the same time.

Focus groups account for 12% of all marketing research. More than 50,000 focus groups are conducted annually. Since 1994, it has been rated as the most profitable method, and for the participants, it is a great way of making extra money.

By joining the focus groups of certain companies, you can easily recharge your bank account. It is enough to express your honest opinion on the business or products of the company and thus earn money for the dream vacation.

How to Find Legit Focus Groups

Whatever type of focus group you are looking for, whether you are looking to participate in an online focus group or an in-person focus group near you, you will need to be patient as you must undergo a screening process before participating in a study.

Consumer research companies usually search for people with very specific interests and profiles and remember you won’t qualify for them all.

By joining as many focus group companies as possible, you’ll increase your chances of qualifying for as many focus groups as possible.

But before you sign up, spend a few minutes testing the company’s website and ensuring it’s legit. Do your research. The last thing you want is to waste your time on a scam!

You can check the reviews they’re getting on their Facebook business page and in forums and simply Google search… do your due diligence in research, you don’t want to be scammed.

Like with any survey company, you usually won’t find a 5-star rating from everyone!