Nielsen Computer & Mobile Review

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Review


Nielsen was founded and incorporated in Chicago in 1995 by Arthur C. Nielsen Sr. The company collects data on a wide range of topics, including people’s television habits, products that we buy, and websites that we visit. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is a prominent online market research company that allows you to contribute your browsing and mobile usage data in exchange for rewards. In this review, we will explore how Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel operates, how they pay participants and the opportunities they offer to those who join their panel.


Overview of Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is part of Nielsen, a renowned global measurement and data analytics company. By participating in the panel, you help Nielsen gather valuable insights into internet usage patterns, your behavior, and digital trends. This information aids businesses and organizations in making informed decisions regarding their products and services.

Data Collection and Privacy

To participate in the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, you are required to install a secure software application on your devices, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets. This application collects anonymized data about participants’ internet browsing habits, app usage, and overall online activities. Nielsen ensures the privacy and security of the collected data, adhering to strict industry standards and protocols.

 Opportunities and Benefits

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Joining the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel brings several opportunities and benefits to participants, including:

Influence the Future: By sharing your online behavior and preferences, you have a chance to shape the development of digital products and services. Your contributions help businesses understand consumer needs and enhance user experiences.

Rewards for Participation: Nielsen appreciates the time and effort panel members invest in the program. Through various reward options, they ensure you are compensated for your valuable contributions.

Sweepstakes and Prizes: Active panel members have opportunities to participate in sweepstakes and win exciting prizes, adding an element of excitement to their involvement.

Exclusive Insights: As a panel member, you may gain access to exclusive insights and reports generated by Nielsen. These reports provide valuable information on emerging trends, consumer behavior, and the digital landscape.

Survey Invites

Market research programs like Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel rely on survey invites to get feedback from participants. These invites are messages that let panelists know about upcoming surveys and ask if they want to take part. Survey invites play a crucial role in gathering valuable insights and opinions. In general, survey invites work like this: once you’ve joined a research panel, you may start receiving invites via email or through a mobile app. These invites will provide information about the survey topic and length, as well as any incentives you may receive for participating. By responding to these invites and completing surveys, you can contribute to important research and help shape the products and services you use every day.

Email Notifications: Panelists registered with Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel often receive survey invites via email. These emails contain information about the survey, including its purpose, estimated time to complete it, and any specific requirements or qualifications.

Panelist Dashboard: In addition to email notifications, panelists may also find survey invites directly within their panelist dashboard on the Nielsen platform. The dashboard serves as a central hub where panelists can access surveys, track their progress, and view their earnings.

Targeted and Relevant Surveys: Survey invites are typically tailored to match the panelist’s demographic profile, interests, or previous responses. This ensures that panelists receive surveys that are relevant to them and increases the likelihood of accurate and meaningful data collection.

Survey Screening Questions: Some survey invites may include screening questions to determine if a panelist meets the specific criteria for participation. These questions help researchers identify individuals who fit the target demographic or meet the survey’s requirements, ensuring high-quality responses and data accuracy.

Opting-In or Opting-Out: Upon receiving a survey invite, panelists can choose to either participate or decline based on their availability or interest. Participation is typically voluntary, allowing panelists to decide which surveys they want to take part in.

Rewards and Incentives: Survey participation often comes with rewards and incentives, such as earning points, cash, or entries into sweepstakes or prize draws. The specific details regarding rewards and incentives associated with each survey are typically provided within the survey invite.

To ensure active participation and timely response, panelists are encouraged to regularly check their email or panelist dashboard for survey invites. By actively engaging in surveys, panelists contribute to valuable market research data and may earn rewards for their participation.

It’s important to note that the frequency of survey invites may vary based on factors such as the panelist’s demographic profile, the specific research needs of Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel’s clients, and the availability of surveys at any given time.

Payment Options

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel offer various payout methods to compensate its panelists for their participation and contribution to market research. These payout methods ensure that panelists can receive rewards and incentives in a convenient and timely manner. Here are some common payout methods available through Nielsen:

Gift Cards: Nielsen often offers panelists the option to redeem their earnings in the form of gift cards. These gift cards can be from popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, or other preferred brands. Gift cards are a popular choice as they provide flexibility and allow panelists to choose rewards that align with their preferences.

Prepaid Debit Cards: Another payout method offered by Nielsen is through prepaid debit cards. These cards can be loaded with the panelist’s earnings and used for online or in-store purchases, making them a convenient and versatile option. Prepaid debit cards offer flexibility in spending, allowing panelists to utilize their earnings wherever major credit cards are accepted.

PayPal: Nielsen also provides the option for panelists to receive their payouts through PayPal, a widely recognized and accepted online payment system. This method allows for quick and secure transactions, with panelists having the flexibility to transfer funds to their bank accounts or use the balance for online purchases.

Sweepstakes and Contests: In addition to regular payouts, Nielsen often organizes sweepstakes and contests for panelists to have a chance to win exciting prizes. These can include cash rewards, vacations, electronic devices, or other valuable items. Participating in these sweepstakes and contests adds an element of excitement and additional earning opportunities for panelists.

It’s important to note that the availability of specific payout methods may vary based on the panelist’s location and the terms and conditions set by Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel. Panelists are typically provided with options to choose their preferred payout method from the available options provided by Nielsen.

Before participating in any market research program, it’s advisable to review the specific terms and conditions related to payouts to ensure clarity on the available methods, minimum payout thresholds, and any associated fees or limitations.



Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is a reputable online market research company that allows individuals to contribute their online browsing and mobile usage data while earning rewards. With their commitment to privacy and security, Nielsen offers various payment options, including gift cards and sweepstakes entries. By joining the panel, participants can not only receive compensation but also actively influence the development of digital products and services. Furthermore, panel members enjoy exclusive benefits and insights into emerging trends and consumer behavior.

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